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Hm. So I totally missed my math test today. Didn't even know we had one. Hence, didn't go. See title for elaboration.

Yesterday I was unconscious. I mean out, the whole day. I literally slept through the entire thing, save 2 bathroom breaks, a couple foodings, and a few episodes of Kaliedostar. I didn't leave my bed. Mostly because a) I couldn't. b) I didn't wanna. c) I was really fucking tired. d) Evil Satan Cootie was locked in mortal combat with my white blood cells, which were drawing reserve forces from my very will and soul. It was epic. I'm lucky to have survived.

Seriously though, this 'wearing glasses' setup has got to go. I am not pleased. They hurt my head, literally. They make my eyes all watery and un-focus-y and I think I'm gradually getting bruises where they clamp onto my temples behind my ears. Not to mention the fact that I look like total crap in them, and I hate it. I've decided, without quite a lot of conviction, that they too are evil. They are less effective, more expensive, less comfortable, less flexible, less portable, high maintenance, ill fitting, unbecoming, and just generally irritating. Rest assured, I shall cast them aside along with the Evil Satan Cootie once the doctor says it's a-ok.

Now, with that all being immortalized in pixels, binary, and type I think I should go do some actual work. Unpleasant as it may be, at this current point in time it's not a noun to be trifled with. The culmination of this semester is nigh, and there is a strange correlation between completed work and positive marks. I really need to get a hold of Karen about that quiz I missed because I was unconscious. Faith sent her an e-mail and she hasn't yet replied. I think my professors are getting very irritated with me, which is understandable. However, I do their ridiculous assignments and I do them undeniably well so they can't hate me too much, I hope. Math test rescheduled for Friday, Fiction this eve, Meteorology lab to complete tonight, and Dr. Appt in the morrow. Here goes.
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