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People are so lame...

I hate people. people suck. I despise all of the people around me. Most of all i despise my friends. One in particular. I have just about had enough of this stupid pshycho-melodrama. Stupid little mental vicious circles when there isnt even anything there. GAWD! Then take it out on me..or maybe it just is me even though i didnt do anything. It's getting to the point where i dont really care anymore. Lets try and be a little more 5th grade, turn around, see if i'm there and oh look! she is! better whisper then. That isnt at all obvious. No. I'm just fucking stupid. God damn it, why cant people figure out that if you have a problem with someone, tell that person not everyone else. Cuz no one else is gonna solve the god damn problem and that just makes the person you have the problem with even more pissed off. Especially when there isnt a problem in the first place but that is just too damn complicated to understand. No she probably thought it up and now is holding it to be the truth. I didnt even talk to her yesterday, not for lack of trying. Friends are supposed to be there right? Yeah like hell. none of mine ever are. Yesteraday i was depressed as hell, and i called every single one of my friends. None of them can help, nor do they have the desire to. When you break it down to it they are so much more concerned with the way their hair looks or something miniscule. I hate this place. The people here suck ass. Fuck them all.
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