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Commercialism blows.

Only in a capitalist society will everyone and their dog expect a lofty price while having absolutely no comprehension of worth. I hate malls. I hate that consumerism just fuels the insatiable greed that runs this country's economy. More more more more, GAH! Especially since some people are such bitches. They're never satisfied. I had a woman [portrait of the angry-upper-middle-class-suburban-worker-bee-soccer mom] in front of me at Taco fucking Bell today get irate and yell at the "clerk", if you will, because they don't have hot water and salt. Come on, people. It's a fast food chain, and it's an outlet in a mall. The menu is shrunk because it's just an outlet in a mall. If you want hot water, prance your ass over to the Starbucks that's 20 feet away and get a goddamn cup of hot water. Then go buy another tacky seasonal sweater from the Dress Barn.

Seriously, people don't know the value of anything. Which, sometimes plays into my hands but still it bums me out where the things I find valuable are being shrugged off as worthless mark-down crap. However, I did get two Dollar DVDs[Dementia 13 by Francis Fucking Ford Coppola]and an Ella Fitzgerald CD for fucking 5 dollars and it's got 20 Tracks and an 8 page biography. WTF, y'all? I also got the The Virgin Suicides by Sophia fucking Coppola (might as well keep the cursing consistent...). I also know exactly what I'm getting/making for Sean, Miah, and Sandy as I took care of Faith's present today. Matt's is done - although I still need to get him that goddamn record..., I have my brother, my father, and my grandma taken care of, I think. Christmas present shopping is irritating. I'm always so afraid I'll forget someone. Shite Bugger Bollocks TROLLOP!

Right then... now that that's over with... tomorrow I have to go clothes shopping. Ick. I need jeans, my favorite pair ripped beyond repair, unless I want an unsightly patch in my crotch...which I don't. SO! The mother is going to buy me a couple of pairs, which is nice. I got a new sweater today?She's also going to get me some new shoes, as the ones that I'm currently sporting don't have a heel. A minor detail for now, but a major issue when the snow comes. I also need to purchase some new undergarments and pajamas because my purple ones are ripping too. When it rains it fucking pours. I am not a fan.

Anyhow, I know some of what I'm getting for Christmas, and that's good, because I made sure it's not some tacky crap that I'll never use. My brother got Transistor - 311, my grandma got me a sweater of my choosing, my aunt got me a new quill!!! OMGSHOBEAUTIFUL!, my other aunt got me the 3rd Harry Potter movie, Booya bitches! I'm pissed that I forgot my adapter for my computer, otherwise I would have been working on my parodies. I got a couple new ideas when I watched it the other day. Hm.

I went bowling with my Grandma tonight. I still remember how, but I think I hurt my back somehow. I feel so old? I just didn't sleep much last night... because my family fights over me during the day, and my friends fight over me at night so I never have time to breathe. I should feel flattered, but I feel suffocated. Not good. I get to chill with Annie tonight though, which I'm really really really looking forward to. Tomorrow I'm going to go chill with my Grandma Fae, I don't know what we're going to do. Probably she'll tell me about Dell again, we'll look at pictures. I was thinking about bringing over my Glenn Miller vinyl, but I donno. I think I'm going to make her X-mas present too. I was going to buy a pillowcase or two and embroider a cardinal on there, but I don't know. I don't know if I'll have time, goddamnit. My fucking professors have been terrible at keeping contact with me, so I'm not writing this fucking paper until I get feedback on the rough draft. I'm not stabbing in the dark, especially on a paper I don't care to write. Sadie McPaperfiend is going down.
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