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It's a very, very mad world.

How the fuck to people manage to live past 25? It seems to me like getting to 21 should be some form of noted accomplishment. Everyone seems to be dropping like flies. Today a freshman jumped out of the 9th story of Middlebrook Hall. At 11:20 I heard the sirens, didn't think anything of it. Miah and I woke up around noon, were joking around, talking about the fucking weather and then I get the news update and feel like I'm going to choke for the rest of the day. It's so fucking tragic. So young, right on a goddamn holiday, and such a bad way to go. Seriously. What. the. FUCK! I want answers, and I'll never fucking get them.

Needless to say, this break started out on the wrong foot. However, I'm going to try to make the best of it. I've already been an asshole, though. I didn't call Britney or Dangerfield, and I miss them both so much. I need to get ahold of Shane and Annie too really badly. Not to mention I have a fucking 10 page paper to write and I couldn't pick up the rough draft and get feedback on it because I couldn't get out of the fucking dorm because of the aforementioned incident, which means I also couldn't turn in Faith's paper for her, couldn't meet with my Journalism adviser, and almost missed my fucking bus home. God, I want to scream myself hoarse.

The only thing that's good about today was the food at Red Lobster, and the conversation with Matt. A lot of venting on both sides, more from him than I but that doesn't really matter. I think it really helped him to get it all out too, because he was laughing and jovial afterward which makes me feel better. I can go to sleep on a positive note, at least. I love that kid, I do.
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