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Oh what a beautiful morning...

Literally just watched the sun come up. Gorgeous morning. It's the 4th day in a row I've seen morning. However, it's not because I woke up in the morning like a responsible individual. My morning is only an extension of the previous eve. In short, it can't be healthy.

It's been a movie watching spree these past couple of days. Yesterday it was Party Monster and Elephant. Both of which were very good and almost the exact opposite of one another. Party Monster was soooooooo pink. Elephant, on the other hand, very blue and white with the occasional violent yellow and orange. It was a very interesting film, I enjoyed it. It's very much so a concept piece, so if you check it out - which I recommend, by the by - keep that in mind. Very emotional, very very controversial. A hard subject to tackle, but done frightfully well. Party Monster is sooo Requiem for a Dream 80's club kid style. Seth Green was really good in it, I was definitely impressed. Macaulay Culkin however, is doomed to look like a 12-year-old on heroin until the day he dies.

Tonight... er... well, last night... whosiwhatsit... We watched Billy Elliot and Camp. The latter we probably should have held off on. I, being an insomniac, don't mind the long bouts of sleep deprivation. Miah, Sandy, Sean, and other sane people on the other hand, don't like it so much. However, both movies were entertaining. I really liked Billy Elliot, although those little children curse like none other. The British was a little hard to adjust to but oh, how I love it so. Camp was just amusing in a teenage drama type of way. Sometimes it was unbearably cheesy, but the music was good. Also cheesy at points, and the main character is a total whore. However, we all have a mild propensity to be sooooo... with that, I leave to go wake up Miah so he'll get to his class and turn in the paper I co-wrote. Then I'll be taking my ever so charming roomie to the airport and no doubt cry as she ascends into the higher altitudes toward sunny, warm, California whilst I am stuck alone in partially cloudy, cold, Minnesota. All the cool kids are planning on coming over to keep me company though. However, I need to go wake up one of the aforementioned cool kids, so I'm gonna draw this to a close. Au revoir.


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