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Brain Organization

Lists are ridiculously helpful. They, along with angst and paranoia, hold me together and keep my brain on track.

Things Wot Shelby Has Done Today:
1. Finished Rough Draft Bastard-Paper.
2. Took Math test
3. Turned in Rough Draft Bastard-Paper.
4. Researched for OMGWTFLATIN-Paper.
5. Posted on WebCT for Sadie McPaperfiend

Things Wot Shelby Has Yet to Do:
1. Re-read craptastic Papers to be workshopped.
2. Type up nice, cheerful 3/4 page single-spaced comments for each craptastic paper. [omgthat'slongerthanthepapersthemselvesareIHATETEACHERS!]
3. Laundry [eek.]
4. Breathe?

*le sigh* Time's a-wastin'. Right, then. *trudges*
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