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Let's think...How to describe this weekend? Oh, wait. I got it: Madness.

Yes. Sheer unadulterated madness - which, by the by, explains the lack of my posting. Well the CA was out of town this weekend and we were in no way planning to capitalize on that fact, but in the end I was very thankful that Anthony was not present. Granted, he probably would have joined in on all of the debauchery but in theory it could have gone horribly wrong. In fact, I am very surprised that we didn't get documented for a noise complaint at the very least. In all seriousness though, Faith and I were planning on having a nice quiet evening. At 11:30 we were listening to Christmas music with Miah. At 12:30 there were 11 people in our room, and a veritable love fest buried beneath a blanket of resounding bass notes emanating from the sub. It didn't want to be left out evidently, it kept reminding us of its presence in a very ostentatious manner.


Saturday was a day of recuperation. I got some work done, I think. I demolished two of the papers that I had to get done for this week over the weekend, I know that much. I also wrote Dan's resume. =/ Weird. I do know that the rest of the weekend was very calm and helped me to kind of ease into this week. Math test over, Rough draft turned in, workshopping to get done tonight, also hopefully that bastard meteorology. It shouldn't take too long but I dont want to draw isotherms... Seriously guys, that's why we have computers.

Cannot wait for this week to be over with. I have this strange notion that once it's passed things will be less hectic for me. I really want to throw my head back and just scream, "I'M AN ARTIST! I CAN'T WORK UNDER THESE CONDITIONS!" Add hair pulling and other theatrics if you like in your mental image of that one. I'm excited for Annie coming up this weekend! I miss her like whoa. We're planning a, yes this is a quote from our late night delirium(Serious delirium, Bill Murray!), "psycho drunken party". In all reality, that title is very over dramatic, but what isn't these days? I think my anxiety is just getting the best of me. I need some hardcore chill time. Just hook me up with good music, Chai, my crochet, and a comfortable distance between myself and any form of deadline and I'll be set.

</font></font></font>Requiescat In Pace ODB.
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