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Lies & Let Downs run FWEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

God, i am so sick of my parents. I have now come up with 3 plans to get ian down here next week that would work and be cost effective and they shoot them all down and GOD! I'll need a little link, a 10 hour drive to get him and bring him back to my grandmas. 10 hours is all it would be, and yes that is round trip. And i asked my mom, I asked my dad, she wont let me ask my grandma...I'D DRIVE! All they have to do is sit and look at the purdy scenery and sleep for all i care!!!! I just legally need them in the car...then it wouldnt take him a day and a half on a god damn greyhound bus around complete strangers. he'd have a 4 hour drive from his house to the border...and 5 more with me...and then we'd stay at my grandmas house a night...and leave for home the next day....and it is so simple!! AND if they would have just went with my original plan of flying up there...i could have done it for 175 if they would have just gave me a god damned straight answer. But no, that is too easy. I also hate how my mom is like, well you should have thought of this earlier, maybe you should just face reality. I dont wanna spend 10 hours in a car. Why doesnt she just say, "Screw off, dont talk to me about this, i dont want him down here in the first place so dont bother asking me to help you get something i dont want." FUCK YOU TOO!
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