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I'm going to drown in homework.

Here is a list of due dates.

Nov. 10th
- Re-write handout; Type Journal Entry - Bring 3 Copies.

Nov. 11th
- Meteorology Lab 4; 5 page comparison
- Meteorology Lab 8

Nov. 12th
- Journal #8 Race Relations
- Journal #9 Race Relations
- Math Excursions

Total pages to be read during this week: 381

Nov. 15th
- Rough Draft Race Relations Paper Due 5-6 pages
- Math Test

Nov. 17th
- Literary Event Report Due Minimum 3 pages

Nov. 18th
- Paper 2 Due History 4-5 pgs.
- Meteorology Lab 9

Nov. 19th
- Journal #10 Race Relations
- Math Excursions

Total pages to be read during this week: 106

Ok, so I'd like the apocalypse to come right around now, plzkthnx. Seriously, save me from my current tribulations. I just might have to go stark raving mad, get myself locked up in an institution until these two weeks are over, and use medical excuse as a reason for not completing these inane assignments. Honestly... yes, I'll get them done but I won't do the reading. Don't have time, fellas. Probably wont have much time to sleep. I want to take this deadline layout to my professors and slap them upside the head with it. Then ask them politely to stop. Stop, stop, stop driving me out of my skull. That'd be nice. Can we all agree on that? I still feel like I'm going to either puke or pass out, and I can't quite decide which. I feel really really mortal today.


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Nov. 9th, 2004 01:18 am (UTC)
Find someone who has ADD or ADHD or whatever and steal or buy some of their prescription (dexamphetamine), they are the ULTIMATE study/homework completing tool BAR NONE.
Seriously these things are keeping my dead head friends doing mechanical engineering and forensics and shit like that in universities. Just make sur3e you don't take too many because you won't sleep.
OR eat.

- cal
Nov. 9th, 2004 03:44 am (UTC)
you're right, it really works. i don't take it myself, but i know girls in my school who take ritalin or some other perscription ADD medicine and all the sudden they can study for hours.
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