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OMG Faith and Shelby being productive, WOT?

Yes indeedy, we have today:

1) Gone to Class!! Every single one!! ...Hell is feeling a little chilly.
2) Gone to the Mall. ("Eek.")
3) Done the dishes. ("Double Eek.")
4) Straightened our Bookshelves
5) Cleaned our Desktops
6) Picked up the Floor
7) Wiped off counter tops...if by counter tops you mean the top of the fridge and desktop, and I do.
8) Cleaned the Microwave
9) Vacuumned

Please, admire our ability to be responsible when necessary. I mean, it's even Friday for cryin' out quiet! Um... yeah. *shifty eyes*

I meant to purchase Matt's Birthday present today... but they didn't have it at Hot Topic anymore. I guess I shouldn't have been suprised. DJ Shadow records anywhere probably have the shelf-life of a snowball in hell. Damn that man for being so talented! Or something... anywho. Faith and I are just going to have to take a trip to the Electric Fetus for the musica. I did get a new beanie though, which I've been needing. Then, I treated myself to a fan-fucking-tastic CD folder. It's shaped like Jack's head from A Nightmare Before Christmas. I can smell your envy. Anyway, we're heading out to Pandora's to wreak some caffiene induced HAVOC! So, in the words of the Mirror: "EEEEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEEE*snarf*"
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