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Lose friends to the airwaves and the airlines.

RANDOM THOUGHT: I think I'm going to get an airplane tattoo right in the middle of my back. All in favor say I? I broke down today and finally got a paid account for lj. Expect some polls at some time...I also decided it would be a good time to re-vamp the 'ol "eljay". Unfortunately, livejournal maintenance decided it would be a good time to move my journal and my community and screw over all custom make-overs. So, I've been performing some temporary manual html surgery. It's been exhausting and I feel really unproductive today. I did finish my math homework in one fell swoop though. Dan is the immortal math god. I honestly don't know where I'd be without him.

Alright... so to do the history reading, or not to? I'm gonna go to the lecture anyway. Granted it's only 64 pages but I've got a novel to read for Fiction, and letters to write to Matthew, Caitlin, and both of my Grandmothers. The dishes need to be done, and the floor needs to be vacuumed. I need to fold my laundry from Friday and make my bed. Wow. After that list, reading is starting to sound really good. Or I could sit online, read shoebox and not do anything at all. Bugger it.

Today has been so strange. The best moment was when I was walking to my fiction class at 6 and yes, it was very, very dark outside. Anywho, I was listening to "It's a Motherfucker" by the Eels and the city was sparkling and I could see stars that were stubborn enough to poke through the light haze of the city streetlights and whatnot. It was very peaceful. It made me really appreciative? I started wondering what the people driving in their cars were thinking, where they're going, etc. I think I'm probably one of the few freaks that still does that. It makes me feel like a kid.

Other than that, I'm really sick of hearing of the election. Yet, I continually find myself talking about it, which irritates me even more. I realize that since it's so recent it'll still be around for awhile. I guess I just wish people would be pragmatic about it. I hear a lot of whining, especially from people that don't know what they're talking about. What's done is done, so deal. It's not the end of the world. Just shut up and do what you can; stay informed, protest if you are moved to, and adjust when necessary. Rant if you have something intelligible to say. Still, don't just hang your head in sorrow. Things will be fine.

In other news, Shelby needs to get back to writing. I haven't worked on my Harry Potter in Half the Time since a month before school started. That = Not cool. Especially since my list of movies to parody has been growing. Also, I need to revise my story. I have some new ideas to add to it. The beginning needs adjective-thinning anyway... I need to um... get Faith's attention at some point too because I had a proposal for some joint-fic-work. *ahem* I'm glad for my muse though... or so he has dubbed himself. Talked with him until about 4 earlier this morning... hah. I miss him like whoa. I hope this Christmas idea works out... I've been rehearsing my lines for running it by my parents this weekend. *cringe*
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