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Another sabatical...

It's been fucking forever since i have written in here. So much has happened. Yeah i bought a guitar. I bought it for ian and yeah, i dont know. He figured it out, and that ruined it dude. But i know a few things i'm gonna do for christmas, plus my mom is all bitchy like, "You spent so much money on that guitar, i will not let you just give it away!" its like, god damn, i bought it with my money. Then again, he broke up with me on sunday, and came back to me 3 days after (as predicted because i am HAAGAN DAZ!) and i dont know...maybe he's using me for the guitar. I would hate to think like that though, after all he is spending buko bucks to come down here to visit me in less than 2 weeks. woo! I hope that actually works, i get my drivers license in like 16 days. rock!!! then it'll be 20 days till christmas and i'll go up there despite what my parents want. i'm spending part -if not all - of christmas vacation with him whether they like it or not. So they can go suck an egg. But i am gonna make him a picture frame from scratch for christmas, out of wood and i'm gonna carve it and stain it and stuff and stick a picture of us in it...and im gonna buy him a Slipknot sweater cuz he loves Slipknot. so woo. lol. And he has to come down here for his guitar! He can play it down here, but i want it. i dont actually know how i'm gonna work it...i have to decide.
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