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List of facts...

The following are true. I swear.

1. It is P-O-U-R-I-N-G outside. POOOOOOOURRRING! It's the great fucking deluge out there.

2. I have not slept.

3. I finished all but 3 Math problems.

4. My God, is it pouring out there. I might have to start building an ark.

5. Faith just walked in and is currently squeegeeing her sweater.

6. Water is sopping from her clothing, pooling on the floor, and there is much cursing.

7. Cursing dissolves into sleep-deprived laughter. Hil-fucking-larity.

8. I have no idea what I'm going to be quizzed on in an hour and fifteen minutes.

9. In the words of HST, the threat of complete mental and physical collapse is now very real.

10. The sudden and complete cessation of rain is giving me the creeps.

11. "I WILL FONG YOU AND ALL OF EUROPE!" Yeah. I'm watching it again.

12. Still not learning anything for yon quiz.

13. This morning I wrote a sleep-deprived delirium induced e-mail to my mathematics professor.

14. He took it very well. No dice on the alternate assignment, though. Bugger.

15. I can't think out of list format, I don't think.

16. That last "fact" was very confusing, syntactically.

17. There has been talk of converting A Nightmare Before Christmas into stage form. We're on it.

18. I now have Shrek 2, Nightmare before Christmas, and E.T.O.S.M. on my computer. Hee!

19. But eventually he I will be struck quizzed, and then...death failure.

20. I've inhaled 3 cups of coffee.

22. I skipped 21.

23. I did it on purpose.

24. Alright, alright...I'm going to go read through the study guide.

*ETA: Faith just said: "God damnit feed me. And let me sleep." as she dropped the creamer onto the floor. We have once again dissolved into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. Oh dear.
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