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Brief and alltogether ill advised review.

I really shouldn't be writing this, Faith just injured my finger.

No, no... there's no hope. They'll have to chop it.

Anyway! On with the review, for as the show must go on, so must the afterthoughts. Right then, so just finished watching American Splendor, and let me tell you this is a very introspective film. It is a film to be taken seriously, and that is exactly why I should not make any evaluations at this exact point in time. For one, I was distracted throughout the entire film by my own personal concerns about this weekend. Also, I watched it from my desk chair on my laptop which just isn't very conducive for a fidgeter like me. I really wasn't in the mood for it, and I might have been if it was what I had expected; not that it was bad, mind you. No, it was actually really very good. Very thought provoking, very - almost disturbingly - real. I had been mislead by others and their versions of it, so to set the record straight: Good movie - introspective film. Very interesting, thought provoking; however, not a film to be trifled with. Prerequisites before viewing are as follows: relative peace, calm ambiance, relaxing furnishings(so that you aren't distracted by your ass falling asleep and can concentrate), either solitude or very mellow audience-mates, quick logic, and, most importantly, an open and clear mind.
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