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Strange late-night babble makes for interesting mornings.

"Why you gotsta be hatin' on the buttons?"

Yep, sorry to tell you folks, but Faith is a little ball of hatred. Especially in reference to small, circular pieces of shiny plastic. So very unfortunate...

...And now for a brief rant of no importance whatsoever.

Alright, a few seconds ago I was sipping my coffee and enjoying it thoroughly, not really paying attention to what was on the screen when the banner at the top of the hotmail browser changed to an advertisement for "Serious Singles". It hit an off chord, and I didn't like it. Now, the serious single vs. whorish single is a distinction that I can clearly make and I can see how people would want to avoid the latter, but it still struck me and left me with an unpleasant facial expression that I could feel. Then I was musing on what had triggered this involuntary reaction and after about thirty seconds of mid-morning-halfway-done-with-coffee-no-breakfast-yet stupor, came to this conclusion: I have an inchoate abhorrence of the word "singles". I just don't like it. The reasoning is, and this may seem silly and I realize that it probably definitely is, but single implies singular, that's what it means and when you add an "s" to effectively make it plural it's not singular anymore. Instead you have a group of single people, which therefore aren't single really because there's a multitude of them. Also, inevitably, they're trying to become "un-single" and thwart the sordid history of their unsuccessful love-lives so they aren't really single by choice, and probably would rather not be labeled as such. So they're homely and can't find a date... So they're assholes with the personality of a disease... So they've got the depth of a kiddie pool and the social grace of an octopus, quit shoving it in their face already! *ahem* Anyway, then my mind slid to "Kraft Singles", because I'm American and I have an endless litany of brand names polluting my beautiful cerebrum, and found that I don't like that either. They're not single because they're in a package with about 20 others. Sure, they're individually wrapped but wouldn't it be better to call them individuals? Think about it! Enhance the vocabulary of Americans, make the lonely people feel more eloquent or at least somewhat intelligible, and protecting the sanctity of my beloved English language by not using the words in an annoyingly borderline-improper fashion! Granted, I doubt the cheese would care as much as the "singles" people and their creepy stalkers online-dating cohorts, but I, for one, think it would be a drastic improvement made for the sake of accuracy... and maybe politeness but I don't really care about that so much.

Uh... yep! In other news, rented Coffee and Cigarettes and American Splendor last night, and let me tell you... excellent films. Recommended to all. I haven't watched all of the latter yet, but it's hilarious from what I watched, and I don't want to ruin it for anyone so I'm going to be brief. However, Coffee and Cigarettes, is a Jim Jarmusch film and the cast list is incredible. Bill Murray talks with GZA and RZA from the Wu Tang Clan! HAH! There's also Iggy Pop, Jack and Meg White (Jack builds a Tesla coil!!! It's GENIUS! Definitely worth excessive punctuation. I ♥ Nicola Tesla, like whoa.), Cate Blanchett plays two people at once; it's just fabulous. Go rent it, now!

*breathing deep* Let me just say, this week has been fabulous so far. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off of my shoulders now that my tests are over and done with. Got an A on my history paper, I don't have my night class this week, was actually able to sit down and have some me-time during which I watched the fabulous aforementioned film, got to read for leisure! Rapturous, let me just say. All is in optimism, my friends. Today will be a good day.
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