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I need to use my legs more often.

Wow... I am just completely confused at the moment and there's not really any particular reason other than juggling several completely unrelated thoughts around in my head simultaneously, as is usual for myself, and still recovering from this weekend, yesterday, and this morning's migrane and the medicine. It's still in my system, and I still feel kinda fuzzy. Every now and then I find myself needing to blink a lot more often than normal in order to keep my eyes in focus. Strange.

But lo! Let it be known that there is happiness in the land. Last night - er... this morning, actually - Shane gave me a little ring-a-ling on that telephone thing, and we had a really wonderful conversation and de-funked one another. I swear to God, the three of us are connected telepathetically or something. Yesterday all three of us were imbedded deep within our own ennui; however, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. It was invaluable to know that Shane still thinks and cares about me. For awhile I feared we were drifting apart and I was so disheartened and completely distraut at the mere prospect of that happening. Thankfully, not the case. I miss that delightful little goofball. We had a fantastic conversation, and he might come up here bus stylee. I keep thinking how incredible it would be to take him up to Canada... I had a dream about it last night actually. Elysium, I tell you. At any rate, I hear tell that Phil is coming home too, so I'll have to make a trip back for that. Also to see the Life Aquatic with Shane. I'm thinking about proposing that we watch every film involving Bill Murray and see what he thinks. I think it'd be amusing.

I really want to get ahold of Matt sometime soon too. Separation is inimical. O tempora, o mores, man. Shane told me that he, Chris, Bill, and M are all going to the Deftones on the 23rd and it just made me think of how badly I wanted to see the show with Matt on the 25th, but I guess it's just not to be. I understand that it's a long drive, and his friend would have to come, and be willing to come, etc., ad nauseum. Still kind of weirds me out that our parents are starting to talk a lot at work... I guess it shouldn't really, because I dont have anything to hide. I just feel like somehow their conversations could rip the carpet out from underneath me or something ridiculously paranoid like that. Arg, allow me to go suspire and look consumptive and tragic...I'll be back later after I write off my loneliness.
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