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Just got done writing my journal for Race Relations.


That effectively took me about 3 hours. God. Damnit. Am I slowing down? God I hope not. I love my luxurious slacker lifestyle. Oh, and speaking of slacker lifestyle, today Faith and I bit the bullet and did some laundry in light of the guests we shall soon be housing. Of said laundry, sheets were included and the majority of blankets, pillows, and fluffy things had been piled onto the end of my bed. I, while acknowledging that I should be doing work, noticed this and thought that it would be exceedingly rejuvenating if I were to plunge myself deep within the mass. Naturally I prioritized and leapt in head first. By the time I had finished making myself a little nest of fluff, I had 4 pillows, every single blanket (including Faith's comforter), and every other fluffy thing our room had to offer nestling me in from all directions. It was glorious! The pictures should be very amusing.

The forecast for tomorrow will be to go to class, and then to clean. We are, after all, going to be entertaining this weekend. We also shall promptly whack anyone that insists on asking questions such as "What are we going to dooooo?", "Is there anything to dooooo?", et cetera. Fear not, sweeting, there will be plenty to do. Apparently, people like my slumber-party idea. We may just have to do it this weekend. Tomorrow eve we're going to go play pool and watch Shrek 2. Saturday I'm hoping to rent the movie American Splendor, as it got such a rave recc from the Matthew. He got my letter and told me he is enjoying it and the mixes thoroughly, which made me feel good. I can do some good after all, awww. How charming. Don't you think that's charming? I'm charmed.

*looks around anxiously*


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