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Dude. Ian rocks. Yes i've said it 80 bazillion times before but 2 days its our 5 month anniversary! WOOO!! Rawk on! I feel slightly guilty however because i believe he is somehow corrupting my mind. My thoughts are getting increasingly impure on occasion. =/ Seriously, just writing to him makes me happy cuz it makes me remember everything he's done. I love him. Imma marry him, and then my life will forever be perfect. HE RAWKS MY SAWKS! He inspires me too, which rocks. I can write like 4 pages to him in an hour. However on a more condescending note, Comedy Central should be shot for airing "The Man Show". comepletely vulgar, and degrading to women. And Jimmy Kimmel keeps getting fatter... ` scratches noggin. Ian is perfect! N sessie n mhm! Wheeee! He'll be down here in 3 weeks as it is planned right now. :D Happy happy happy. even though he didnt call, he has a right to his life. Simply cuz i dont have one, well i do...a busy one. This week is gonna drain me again. Tomorrow through Wednesday, i'll be at school from 7:00 AM - 8:30 PM..i'll have thursday off...Friday i will be at work from 3:30-8 after an excruciating day at work...saturday i'll have a day off, then sunday i'll work at 6:30-1:30 then go to play practice till 8. then monday - wednesday school from 7:00-LATE! possibly 10:30... then thursday - Saturday, the show!!!! then i get my life back. whoo! Then after a week of waiting and recooperating, IAN COMES DOWN!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D I love youuuuuu ian!
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