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Yep, it's definitely October.

It's really weird, because I enjoyed my walk to and from class, but at the same time I felt like I wasn't myself. I saw a plane and it really struck me for some reason even I can't peg... but it had its big headlight on, and was taking off and heading straight into one of the really low clouds. I watched it bravely cast it's little ray, and light up the cloud as it flew up into it and eventually get enveloped. It was beautiful and I don't even know why.

*le sigh* Right now I'm lonely and I totally don't know why either. Maybe it's just the after-effects of a gloomy day. I want hugs though. Millions of them. I want a silly sleep-over with a bunch of friends. I want buttery popcorn and hot chocolate with peppermint in it. I want a good book and a puppy! I want Matt to call.
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