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Put Your Head on my Shoulder

I melt for jazz. Yeah, like an ice cube in the Sahara, that's how I am for jazz.

Seriously, it makes me all swoony and stuff. My mind starts throwing out these attractive daydreams that literally ooze with romantic ideals. Dancing under twinkling starlit skies, or maybe just in the middle of the living room for no apparent reason *cough*. Laying on the floor with a comforter and a labrador isn't too shabby either. Good memories, some personal favorites. *le sigh* I think I'm going to start taking dance classes so that I can be appreciative, learned and graceful... instead of rapturous and distractedly tripping over my own ankles in an embarrassingly clumsy fashion. Ugh... Jazz turns me into such a girl. Define singular perfection? Sitting on a couch, in your lofted house/apartment with your dog, curled up with a book and some cinnamon tea as jazz floats through the air. Perfection? You're also cuddled up with your *other* and reading together, then dancing together and making popcorn and watching a movie cuddling on the ... Oh bother and bother again. Pardon me whilst I go pout.

So I've decided I'm going to take notes on 5 chapters of Meteorology today. It won't be hard, but wtf? Where did that kind of ambition come from? I haven't seen that bugger in months, I don't think. I dont know how quickly it'll get done though, because I do have a lot on my itinerary for the day. In approximately 3 hours Faith and I will be heading over to Eric's to cook! And a marvelous dinner it will be, mind you. Assuming I get the recipe from my Aunt, the menu is looking like lemon pepper chicken, cheesy potato dish, and green beans sauteed in garlic and butter. I can tell that you're drooling with jealousy and lust. Wipe your chin. Though, I also need to go to the library to read tonight and guess whose ambition really doesn't stretch that far... If you said mine, you are correct. However, it does stretch to wanting to clean up the room. I just don't know when I will.. but I do have the urge to do so... and by that logic hopefully it will get done. Maybe if I will it to clean itself? Though that *might* be pushing it... maybe I'll just get to work.

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