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Phone calls and Jazz

Yeah ok, Faith... we know. "Shelby sho smitten." =P

Yeah. So I've really gotten back in touch with Matt during the past couple days(like hardcore) and I'm really loving it. Music, film, and several other topics have been touched upon. We can even talk about debit cards and somehow, that's not mundane and boring. I really miss him, which is to be expected but I mean really like whoa. He has a couple of days off and we tried to arrange ways for him to come out here but logistically it was just impossible which is really irritating because I don't think opportunities like this should be impossible. It just shouldn't be allowed, damnit. I really should finish writing that letter to him and get it sent. I love that he asked me to do that... snail mail is so fun. Anyway, I'll stop for now. I swear.

In other news, Shelby very ill. Somehow I can't seem to get better. I feel better for like two days and then the vengeful striking hammer of ailments comes down upon me once more. I seem to have thoroughly irritated my asthma too. However, hopefully I will be able to remedy some of the symptoms because the forecast for me is lookin' like sleep! Oh... and yes I will post my story... but I'm gonna wait until later today. So HAH!
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