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All I need is a Title

Wow. Ok...So I just - and I mean just as in like... I just walked in the door and plugged my laptop back into power and loaded this site just - finished writing my story for Fiction, and let me tell you... I almost cried while writing it. Not because it was hard to write and I was frustrated or anything, but because I felt it way too much. I was going to re-read it but I decided against for now. I probably will in about an hour or so...when I get bored and have nothing else to do because there's no way in hell I'm going to sleep now. I'm not even tired which is a tad distressing, though it'll probably hit now that my mind isn't all "stay in character, stay in scene, stay focused and for the love of God don't forget that idea you had just now!" The story is done. I'll revise it tomorrow...and come up with a title...and it will be fantastic. I might even post it on here... but I haven't decided yet. Right now I feel really good about it though...

Today (er, well, yesterday) has been a weird day, too. A lot of emotion, which I don't necessarily like. However, I think it really helped me channel the feeling of the character in my story... but anyway I found out today that my Grandma U almost died this weekend and may or may not recover. That was a really unexpected blow to get hit with right before a math test. However, I think I did alright on the test, and am feeling pretty good about it. I've gotten a lot of compliments on my hair too... which made today kinda cool. Race relations was irritating, as always... but I had a lot of fun amazing people with my extensive knowledge of the missiology definition of manifest destiny... Thank youuuu Bosch! However, I was also struck with annoyance, general anxiety/paranoia about my functionality and productivity and self, and a severe bout of Matt-missing. I wonder if he's similarly afflicted but with me. I really hope he does come here later this month... that'd be fun beyond belief. Rapturous... even. Hah.

In Other News:

Bored. Yes. Might try to catch some Z's.
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