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Kickin' it in Omaha...

I was going to update last night but battery-life didn't quite allow it. I am currently sitting on Faith's couch, listening to her - at least I think it's her - waking up, and the legion of grosbeaks behind me. They're irritating birds but this morning I think I like them. Speaking of birds, we saw a lot of them on the way here. I really like it when they're doing that little flock thing where they all fly together and look kinda like that windows screen saver where the line keeps changing shapes. Yesterday a bunch of them were in this big revolving ball... it was surreal. We saw a lot of interesting things on our way here. A submarine(yeah... in the midwest...), a bail of hay strapped into the trunk of a blue neon... and a couple other things that are escaping me but it was a pleasant drive.

I got to meet the infamous Nate and Whitney last night. Bill seems to think that Whitney and I are carbon copies. I haven't known her for long but I have a small lingering fear that he might be right. Apparently, to make the situation even more terrifying... Michelle, Whitney's roomie, is almost exactly like Whitney who is supposedly exactly like me. I fear, if the three of us come together in one location, the universe may implode. So get ready, because I believe we are all meeting this evening. You've been warned, start setting your affairs in order.

On the downside of this, I just realized how much homework I have to do. I severely miscalculated. I think I will have to get to work like whoa once I finish eating breakfast. Don't wanna. *pouts*
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