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debate of debates...

I want my damned money back. Inside, i dont want to go to europe. Avie ignores me, i'd be stuck around fucking Xerox...and have to go certain places at certain times and only eat twice a day and wake up early and know i'd rather go to France at my own leisure. Then again, this is a really good price, and we get to go to Venice Italy and ride the gondallas and see fantastic art, and such. Then again, i'd rather do that with someone i love, i mean the tour is entitled "romantic europe" and it wont be romantic without my love with me. Especially with me being chased by the balloon buffoon! And me being broke...i need at least $300 for ians present and guess what, if i do this trip, i'm not gonna have it. And i'm really not all that enthralled about it anymore. Spesh with avie ditching me all the time and avoiding me and such. i know she has issues, and its prolly revolving around james because EVERYTHING revolves around james. ` rolls eyes. God she needs to just let him go, he isnt who she thinks he is she is just living a lie. Not to mention the fact that she's kind of disturbed...seeing as she thinks it would be "hot" if two guys were to shave each others legs and then slow dance with each other. or just stand in a corner and do an arabesque...which is really abnormal behavior and normally is associated with psychotic homicidal tendencies. That or mental of the two. She's really been getting on my nerves lately, she is convinced she's a good listener but she really only listens if you have tears pouring down your face and you tried to kill yourself the night before. And lately, she's been "listening" less and less. I dont know, i'd really rather go to Greece i guess...and Mr. Wilson said he'd like to do that next year and i got another application to go to europe except this time i'd get 10 college credits...which would definitely rock. But then again, cost being an issue. I dont know, if I cancel now, i'll lose 125$ of my 400 but i'll save the other 275 dollars and the 981 that i still have to pay! well, i guess i'll be doing a lot of community service this year, raking leaves and shoveling snow and such. Yay-freaking-yay.
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