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Falling like tears that turn to snow...

Ah, yeah I am totally basking in the glory that is my wireless card now. I'm lying in my comfortable bed, not writing my papers, and still mingling with friends via the internet. It's a good life. Especially now that math is done for another week. I'm going to try to work ahead again, because that was great while it lasted... I've got a couple things I think I need to do. For example...

1. Clean the pad.
2. Vacuumn the pad.
3. Wash the dishes.
4. Straighten Desk.
5. Laundry
6. Write papers... ...Which I am so totally doing right now... *shifty eyes*
7. Pack for this Weekend.
8. Get with it.

My internal clock and calendar has been demolished. It's not cool. I think it's becuase we're leaving on friday, that I think everything is one day ahead. I could have sworn today was Wednesday this morning. I'm so incredibly out of it, and I haven't gotten the hang of my schedule yet. I guess it's because I haven't really calmed down and committed to it. I'm here for school, what? So lazy, I really don't want to do anything... but I do have everything that's due this week finished. The thing is, as we're going to be gone this weekend... chances are I won't get any of the shit that's due next week done and I therefore, this week seems that much more jam packed, and I am much more unwilling to do anything. My mind is whining, "but the due date is the 6th! That's so far awayyy... I dont wanna. C'mon, You know you never do anything ahead of time." Maybe I just need to get pissed about something to the point where I can't stand to do anything but focus... but realistically who needs that? Not I. I do need chai though, or hot chocolate. Hmm... I'll have to get on that.

I miss Matt like whoa. I guess he's planning on coming here for the Deftones concert and I really hope he does. It suprised me when he said he'd want to because I was sure he'd never want to come to the University, he said so himself. Maybe that's changed, or maybe he really wants to see me that much, or maybe he really wants to see Deftones that much, or maybe he just wants his stuff back. My mind is a whore. I think he'd enjoy himself here, though. I'm really glad we finally got to chat, it was a good conversation. I was bummed when I had to go, but que sera sera. I was really happy to find out that he e-mailed me about a bunch of words I love. Maybe he was thinking about me. Hah, I think about him too much. Miss him a little too. Ok, a lot. I've got his number now, all he has to do is get a phone. Hah. That's delightful in an gotta-roll-your-eyes-and-laugh-at-the-sick-irony sort of way. God help me...
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