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Easy mac daddy.

Alright. So Pandora's is the coolest coffee shop/study nook ever. We're going there tonight, which is good because for some reason I can't make myself focus here. We went for the first time last night and I got about a half gallon of chai, it's crazy. So, tonight I'm totally going all out on the sandwhich and tea. It's going to be great. Right now, I'm gonna have to go with some easy mac, which is ok. It's not as repulsive as stupid noodles. I'm not overly hungry either. I think if I drank something or started chewwing some gum my appetite would completely disappear... which isn't good as I haven't eaten anything all day, but oh well.

So I've gone scarf happy. I like it though. I really can't wait to cut my hair, it's gonna look awesome, and then I won't feel like such a loser using these scarves. Long hair can be so limiting sometimes... it's just not as versatile. The more I think about it, the more I'm a little concerned that i'll want to just go black... but I really shouldn't. Not this time around. I'm sticking with the dark brown, dammit! And yes, I am going as Rogue for halloween even though I've never been interested in X-men at any point in my entire life, but whatever.

I'm making a downtempo mix and it's going to be awesome, except for the part where I should totally be doing work right now, not putzing around with my music. My to do list today for school is pretty huge. I have like 40 pages of race-relations to read, 30 for history, a 4-5 page paper for history which I am totally not feelin', about 20 Math excursions problems, and this week's readings for Meteorology. I should probably start doing the work for Fiction too so it doesn't sneak up on me on Tuesday night. Alright, I swear I'm getting off the internet and going to do one of the listed assignments above whilst listening to these tunes.


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Sep. 27th, 2004 05:55 am (UTC)
Just make sure you don't cut it toooo short!
And pics!


oh btw i haven't heard any of your music, do you make it aswell as mixing?

- cal
Sep. 27th, 2004 09:34 am (UTC)
Not much anymore. all the music I make is just when I'm fucking around with my friends' sound equip. I don't even have any composition programs on my laptop. But everytime I go over to my friend bill's or cody's I'm always messing around with their toys.

Well, but that isn't entirely true either cuz I compose on piano too.

but dont worry, once I get back into it you'll be getting some tracks. :)
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