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Dooby Dooby dooooo

My brother is a total idiot and doesnt recognize a computer disc isnt a CD. NARF! And my mom is a total bitch that is depriving me of things i have earned with my own tears, blood, and sweat. But other than that life is pretty swell. For a change...its like 7:15 in the band room....i have junior skit in a that should be fun...i get to be Koppa! whoo! Fun fun...i hope our skit wins...we deserve to win everything this year seeing as we got disqualified from EVERYTHING last year simply because people dont have a sense of humor. Wellll Ian got his letters FINALLY! he says they smell like me....crazy boy. And he is sending me a painting that he did, and he's gonna send me duckie! Since he forgot to give it to me when i was up there.. but its all good... What is wrong with my school? Air Conditioner on...and its cold outside...normally you'd want the heat on but i guess that would be too obvious. Just like, phone cards dont help phone bills to incredibly much...i should start using 10-10-811 or something...cuz i have a 70 dollar phone bill to pay. Thank god i have work tomorrow to make it up...but holy bejeezus! Its alright though, i'll make it back. I have my ways.!
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