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Goddamn right it's a beatiful day...

It is absolutely gorgeous outside today. I still feel moderately shitty and am considering scheduling a doctor's appointment. My father says I should if I'm not better by tomorrow, and I really don't foresee a miraculous recovery, but I also really don't want to go to the doctor because that takes so much effort. Also, because it's supposed to rain for the next 4 days. Yeah, I know. Major suck, but fall has to come sometime, and it is September. Maybe I'll actually get some work done... granted I'm not crossing my fingers but it is approximately 17.926 times more likely that I'll be productive if it's shitty outside. By those stats, expect me to get dick all done tonight, by the way.

My Race Relations class is going to irritate me like whoa. My instructor is a total spaz. We have to do these weekly journal assignments and also be her guinea pigs for WebCT. The thing about this, is that she is so obscenely vague about these things... that almost everyone got a 5/10 for our journals this week. So, she hands back our journals and also a sheet FILLED with print about what is expected of us in our journals... and doesn't have the common sense to maybe, just maybe, not count the first journal. Nope, instead she's going to offer us extra credit which half the class can't make it to because it involves going to a lecture that is not during our scheduled class time, and then we have to write a journal entry about it. With the WebCT discussions, she has no idea how to work WebCt. She had to ask how to install flash today. Honestly... but the thing that really gets me is how all of the course material is "Black and White". I hate that. What about the Asian Americans, the American Indians, those of Hispanic Origin, the Somalis, etc? It just irritates me that their scope is so goddamn narrow. There are way more than two races in the US, and granted this is a one semester class that meets for 50 minutes three times a week, but I really don't think that the course curriculum should be this limited. It just makes me think that Americans and their conceptualizations are that much more generalized and stupid.

In other news, I love pudding! My sore throat has migrated further down my throat, but eating pudding soothes like none other and it's ridiculously tasty. Pistachio pudding right now, and who knows what the future might bring! *ahem* Well, either butterscotch or Chocolate, to be exact. I am fairly positive that I aced my math test, which makes me feel good because I didn't read the chapter or study so rock on. I might have to go to the discussion tomorrow though, which irritates me. They're thinking about making that a mandatory part of the course, and all I can say is "how 'bout no? plzkthnx." I wonder if I can be ill all semester...*cough* "Yeah I have this problem, where every day between the hours of 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm I'm just completely incapacitated. I know, it's a shame, really." Somehow, I'm not thinking that'd fly.
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