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Some of My Best Friends are DJs

God I love Kid Koala. I just got my album today... and it's soo good. I am totally loving the comic book and the chess board that he totally illustrated by himself. It's way too cool. I'm really fucking bummed that my Carpal Tunnel album was just the CD, but that's the danger of ebay I guess. Well... eventually I'll scratch the thing to death, because after about 5 years it happens no matter who you are or how well you take care of your cds... and then I'll hopefully be able to afford cds straight up, instead of stalking for low prices on online auctions and such.

Tomorrow I should be getting another book, and I'm excited but I don't know when I'll have time to read it. I haven't made much time for reading lately. I'm in a movie-watching funk. I really want to go on a classics binge though. On Halloween, it is decided, that we're going to watch Nosferatu and either The Ring or The Sixth Sense... and we've got a Requiem night scheduled... We're going to watch that movie, followed by Amelie so that we don't go to sleep all depressed like. I can't remember if it was Nic or Joe who suggested that we watch Dancer in the Dark after Requiem for a Dream, but that was quickly vetoed because that would, if not leave us depressed for a week, surely send us all back to our rooms to kill ourselves.

I met another really cool kid last night. He hung out with the lot of us until 6:30 am. I think I went to sleep around 7, woke up at 1. Gotta love the weekend, but getting up for meteorology tomorrow will be a bitch. I probably won't do it. Anyway, he's a freshman in the new edition and his name is Mia(sp?) I believe a variation of Jeremiah. Either way, he's very charming and he and Joe are supposed to be coming back tonight to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which I now have on my computer and that fact alone rocks me sideways. I'll be grateful for some interaction, after finding out that I did the wrong chapter for Math so I'm totally not ahead of the game anymore... grar. At least this stuff isn't too insanely complicated. Test tomorrow though... I should go on a calculator hunt. Maybe after dinner. *le sigh*
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