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Cough drops and cloudy days...

So, out of the blue, I'm sick. I dont know why, or how, and I'm really not overly shocked because after all, it is me and I'm not exactly the healthiest person in the world, but I'm still not too excited about it. I've got this coughing thing going on, and this morning I was really suprised I didn't wake the dead with it. It's settled down now, since I've taken my inhaler and I'm hoping it's just allergy/asthma related, because my coughs have settled down since, with the exception of me getting caught in a little wheeze-loop every now and then and sounding like a small wimpering mammal that is about to shuffle off this mortal coil. The good news is, my professor is extremely understanding. I sent her an e-mail at about 9, which she promptly returned, telling me not to worry about it. She's going to post a lecture outline and list of terms I'll need for the quiz on Thursday. She's a nice woman. Now all I have to do is get better before and win my Kid Koala CD on Ebay.

So, Chai is God. Let me just say that. I dont know how, but it has this calming quality. I've been a little stressed, what with thinking about applying for my major, and knowing that I only have two shots to make it in... Granted, it seems like although it's a competetive field and one of the harder programs to get accepted into, I more than meet their qualifications. Still, I'm meeting with my advisor on the 17th and 9:15 in the goddamn morning... to have her look over my app, track, and statement. Eek.

I had a pretty crazy dream last night. I've been diggin' the Kill Hannah lately, as it's been the CD in my discman while I walk to and from classes since the first day, and last night I dreamt that I went to their concert, and was just chilling outside thinking when the lot of them came outside and chatted with their fans - as is their custom. Well, basically, after a lot of me rolling my eyes at the stupid girlie omg-he's-so-hot-like shit, I went over and started talking to them about their sound, asking them what programs/equipment they use to make their synth and beats, and they ended up taking me in there and I got to play around with a bunch of toys. By toys I mean sound equipment. Then we all went to Perkins and ate a massive amount of mini-chimis, came back to my dorm room and started playing Super Smash Brothers and screaming obscenities, watched Amelie and then swapped e-mails/livejournals and then somehow the dream fast forwarded to create the sense of a week's time passing, and I get a call and they asked me to join the band as their techno/piano girl. So I said yes, got my nose pierced, and an industrial piercing, and moved down into a bigass apartment in Chicago. It had a bomb grand piano in it, which is way too cool, and totally impossible. Kinda like the entire dream. It was just so weird though because it felt so normal it almost felt plausible. There are a lot of crazy details I don't really remember, but that's the basic outline. Jon was smoking a lot and when I walked into my, maybe even our? apartment, I started coughing because of it and that's when I woke up. Straaaange.
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