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1. I hate Mexico. 2. Why? 1. Because of Antarctica.

Faith, I hate to tell you this, but Voldemort can not only beat the rock, he can melt it, propel it, and basically annihilate the fucker.

Yeah. Mitch and Stephen are hilarious, but that's nothing that we didn't already know. I've decided that I'd have Stephen's bastard love child. Although, I'd take Mat's, from Kill Hannah, first because I think he'd be a bit better suited. Yeah, enough ridiculous nonsense. On to substance! Hoorah!

I love it when exhaustion just kicks your ass without warning. However, that being said, I'm writing this in a half-conscious stupor so pardon my lack of grammatical precision. Today was refreshing. Faith and I didn't really wake up until 12:30... I bought yet another CD on ebay, we made scrambled eggs, and then read outside in the beautiful weather for hours. It was so sublime, just what I have been wanting to do all summer but haven't been able to because of time constraints and uncooperative weather. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be able to indulge again, at least for a little while. I've got a pretty extensive to do list for tomorrow already,what with appointments and all... books to return, checks to deposit, books to buy, classes to go to... although I may only go to one. I haven't decided if I'm going to Meteorology Lecture tomorrow. I'm going to try, but if I don't wake up I'm not going to sweat it either. It's the introductory chapter and I have already been introduced to all of the notions discussed in the first chapter. Thank you, Mr. Gaertner, you're a godsend. So is sleep however, but I can't sleep until I take out my contacts and I'll have to wait for Faith to get out of the shower for that. Cheese is good though, so I'm gonna dig into some of that, yo.
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