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No alarms and no suprises, please.

Waking up this morning was a little out of the ordinary. I was looking forward to not being subjected to any form of a wake up call, sleeping in until my body had decided it was adequately refreshed. This, however, did not quite work out like I had planned. Not that I'm not fully rejuvenated, mind you, but because UDS apparently decided to be on fire, and erupt with some very annoying noises, and elicit a cacophony of sirens that basically destroyed any hope of going back to my nice little cozy dream. Which, as I remember, was quite nice. Though it has quickly faded from memory, I only know that it was pleasant. Anyway, moral of the story, cities are noisy as fuck.

Welcome to a new day. Yesterday was nice though too, minus my little anxiety freak out. I did get a lot of much needed cleaning done in a relatively short period of very hyper-spastic shaky time. I think I just might be able to pull off that "keeping my desk/area clean" proposal of mine I made over the summer, but we'll see how midterms pan out for that. However, I don't have a final in two of my classes, which rocks my socks off. I can already tell though that Math excursions is going to eat my ass with a spoon. But the sooner it's over, the better.

Last night Faith and I went to the Cheesecake Factory and all I can say is holy-mother-of-all-freaking-goodness. I might consider dating one of the chefs just so he can cook for me. Kidding. Nope, I am still terminally ambivalent about relationships, I want one but I don't. Except for that one guy... but he's a little out of reach and a little uncooperative. Hasn't still hasn't called, which has me really bummed. Especially since even though I try to distract myself, and yes it does work for a time, my thoughts always end up back on him somehow. Last night it was because of all the planes. Planes, PLANES, I tell you! They were everywhere, quite literally(Y'know, this being a city, and all.). However, they were very intriguing, picturesque almost. Three of them flew over the highway as we were driving and it looked like a little cluster of cheerfully glinting sparkles. As they pulled apart a bigger one that looked like a fish glided into view. Very graceful, but also very fishlike, so I was both amused and puzzled. It was a huge monstrosity of a metal bird(or flying fish), in any case. As we continued along our path we were able to look over a large open slope of something or other and again, about 7 planes were in site. Three of them caught my attention as they were in a line, with their headlights on, and looked like brilliant little light orbs hovering, in total stasis, in the sky just for the purpose of being aesthetically pleasing and out of the ordinary. In retrospect, I wish I would have taken a picture. I may have to get in the habit of bringing my camera everywhere. Faith and I will hopefully go an a church architecture/forgotten building architecture search sometime this year. However, for now we're content with this evening's plans...

Oi, Wanka! We're off to see Mitch Hedberg and Stephen Lynch, Biotch!

Yep. Very, very excited. It'll be pandemonium. A whole night of funny. The perfect way to replenish yang if you will, with an overbearing amount of hilarious ying. Thats right. And I'm out for now.
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