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mad hatred @ mother. You cant use the phone because of a god damned football game and she and her sister have to do their stupid little obsessive, "ring me when they score!" DUH! i mean for gods sake they are watching the same damn television program.! LIKE THEY DONT ALREADY KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! UGH! so they dont want me to use the phone tonight unless its halftime at 9:30 when ian calls...STUPID FUCKERS! And if i wasnt trying to suck up to my mom i'd bitch at her because it isnt like they have anything important to say, THEY DONT EVEN SAY ANYTHING!!!! They just ring and hang up...how lame is that??? And yes, excuse me, I HAVE ISSUES! I need to talk to the only person in my life that listens and gives a damn.! The only good part of this day is when i told my dad that ian's family had invited me up for their thanksgiving and he didnt say no. He also didnt exactly say yes because he has to "check it over with mom". Fuck her, just sign the damn form and let me go. Let me live up there, instead of making me die down here. its not like they actually want me around here anyway...

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