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They make them dance so people will EAT THEM!

*ahem* Yes, so, trying to be responsible is really very annoying. I've been working ahead in Math Excursions, I've been doing my assignments as I've been getting them. Y'know, staying on top of things. It's so not fun. However, hopefully, once I get over this I'll have significant amount of time to slack and regain my bearings and then just resume dealing with things as I always have in the past. Last minute, with panic as my muse. Y'know, the good life.

However, the good life isn't going to get much cooler than Saturday night, because guess who's going to go see Mitch Hedberg and Stephen Lynch in one night! That's right, me. Yeah, yeah, yeah sure Faith, Tynan, and Aaron will be there too but we rule and are very priviledged and everyone else should be insanely jealous, god god dammit dammit.

The way that I am jealous about not being able to go here. Again with the god god dammit dammit. However, I did pick up the the Kid 606 "Down with the Scene" for three bucks, and 2 Skinnee J's "Volumizer" for ninty-nine cents! Booyah. God save E-bay...and maybe the queen.
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