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There'd be no distance that could hold us back.

Today has been beautiful. The weather was beyond perfect, uplifting in and of itself. Today has been full of thinking too. My mind has been all over, charting new galaxies of information and revisiting and re-evaluating old ones. It's exhausting but rewarding. Kathleen gave me a call too, wanted to know if her charming son had contacted me yet. No, however I'm wondering if that strange number on the caller ID wasn't an attempted call before I had the voicemail set up. Maybe, maybe not. Faith and I had a very charming voyage today, and I think living with her is what makes college so fun. And ridiculous.

Speaking of ridiculous, people that write textbooks should be able to write. I am irate about what I read in my Math textbook today. Yeah, and I was already irritated just because it's math. Still, this is what's teaching the youth of america, folks. Anyway, enough tangent for now. It's my own fault for working ahead anyway, so now I'm going to go relax.
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