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My house is an obstacle course.

I cannot even count the number of times I have tripped, stubbed my toe, leapt over something or another, been bitten by the wall, stepped on the dog, slipped on the stairs, etc., today. I have drawn one conclusion from all of this... Packing is hazardous to your health. At the end of this year, I vote mini-storage.

So everything is loaded up, with the exception of clothes and hangers. These, however, will be done shortly. I'm supposed to go to Perkins with Mindy but I can't. So I'm hoping she's cool with just a sit down and a chat. I'm supposed to get ahold of Shane, Chris, Bill, Tosha, John, Jon, and Chris D. before I go... this could be difficult. So much stress... I just want it to all be over with. I'm counteracting the stress with a fake-chocolate and almond mocha. However, it'll all come back when I make "the call".

I am so exhausted. I can't imagine having to unload all of this crap tomorrow, but I'm sure it'll be rewarding. I'm looking forward to having my own little parent-less, rule-less half of a room, complete with brand new spiff-tastic telephonic technology. Along with Perfect Dark marathons and Super Smash Bros bashery. 'Twill be great fun. However... I'm still not ready to be responsible again. I'm sure this first week of class will unfold with me being hella lethargic and completely underachieving, which isn't that bad. It actually makes me look a little better once I get into the swing of things... call it "feigning improvement." Hah.
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