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Dont forget it...

List of things to do today that I absolutely cannot forget, but probably will. I would write it down in physical form if that didn't seem so damn nerdy and responsible. *ew*

1. Shower. Yes. First and foremost.

2. Go to the Daily Grind and give them my address for school so they can send me my last paycheck...and get a much needed Almond Roca Latte. *drool*

3. Ditto at Serendipity, with the bonus of hanging out with Chris... and get a not so needed kiddy cocktail with 4 cherries. *hee!*

4. Go to the Bakery and get a mo'fuggin strudel. This is totally unnecessary but I want one, dammit.

5. Continue Packing. Movies, Games, begin packing clothes and hopefully bookshelf.

6. *sigh* Go to the dentist. *grumble grumble*

7. Go to Frosty Freeze. Also not necessary in any sense of the word but I'm going to be in Fort and no one can deny me Frosty Freeze once I'm there!

8. Get more yarn for mom's blanket...maybe.

9. Go back into Madison to Woodman's for the following:

Body Wash
Highlander Grogg Coffee
And probably other shit I'll think of.

10. Then go to Best Buy & Maybe even the Exclusive Company and look into...

2 Skinee J's
The Dismemberment Plan
Ben Lee
Ella Fitz... c'mon. you can never get enough...
FC Kahuna
Jump, Little Children
Kid 606, Kid Koala... (I know I could get 606 for 6 bucks...)
Placebo... and I'm gonna cut myself off right there. I doubt I'll even be able to find half of these.. and even if I do, I won't pay 15 bucks for a CD 'cause I'm a cheap bastard. At least, not right now I won't.

11. Go get my game from Bill.

12. Go pick up Mom.

13. Get out and go chill with my friends. After all, after this I only have one day left. *yipe!*
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