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Let's hear it for conjunctivitis!

God damn this band. Let me just. say. that. "The end is, like, so nigh." This CD is actually a lot more impressive than I expected.

We need to have spelling bees again in school, methinks. I am going to post a rant on this topic in grammar_pandas after I get done with this.

Shane came over last night. We chilled until the wee hours of the morning. Watched Chicago, chatted it up discussing music and whatnot. He says he's going to have to pay a visit to me up in Minneapolis. (omg that would be so like ... *flail*) I have missed that kid... It seems like it's been so long. I still think that it would be the coolest thing EVARRRR if he and Matt got an apartment in Minneapolis if Matt quits the A.F. However, they probably wouldn't and I don't think Matt really can quit. However, it has been suggested that when Matt's done doing his time, and I'm done doing mine we should all get a "crib". That would be pure, unadulterated pandemonium. In the vernacular, it would rock my fucking socks off. Spesh if Faith would join too. *wink* However, I should give him a call cuz we're supposed to chill again today... so many people to call... so little time. I've got two days left and all I can say is...

"Fuck y'all and this popsicle stand!" - cleolinda's Harry
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