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Coffee breath is foul.

Ugh... so early. I have been up until at least 2 the past two nights chillin' with the Chrises. Yes, Chrises. I know far too many people named Chris. I can list 8 without thinking about it. Chilled with Chris Anderson Saturday night... we went skateboarding... I really think I hate my board. When I actually break this deck, I'm going to get a different shape I think. I am probably going to try to kick up my skateboarding a bit and, y'know... actually skate. It's kinda sad when your mind goes, "Y'know, it's been awhile since I hurt myself... I think I'll go jump on the death slab and flirt with rolling, speed-wobbly death. Sounds like fun."

After it got too dark to see we went back to his house and watched The Boondock Saints... because he'd never seen it, which is, of course, sacreligious and needed to be rectified immediately. That movie is ridiculously good, and I mean to the point where it's almost obscene. Then we just chilled and talked about anything and everything...Hot dogs, even. "When the owner...of a hot dog franchise... says the words, 'And this is how we wrap the meat...oh, I'm sorry, I mean 'hot dog'', you know that you should never eat a hot dog ever again. When he corrects himself...from meat... to hot dog, it's all over." - Chris ; Too right. We have way too much fun. He's going clean too, I'm really excited for him. It's hard to believe he's 17 now... it always freaks me out when my friends get older... Bill is 18 and I can't believe that. I remember meeting him as a 15 year old... and a 15 year old he shall stay, dammit! Naw, but I'm gonna miss Chris when I go back up to school... I kinda want to take him with me. We've always been able to tell each other anything without any weirdness or inhibitions... it's crazy.

Last night, however, I was at Chris Dangerfield's house and that was ridiculously entertaining as well. He came to visit me at work, which sucked because there was an unannounced PTO meeting there that put me way behind... and then the espresso machine exploded, which was very not groovy. After I conqured it I went and rented Shrek, and made home-made popcorn, got in a fight with my parents about whether or not it is acceptable to go over to a friend's house to watch a movie in your pajamas or not(the answer is yes, it is perfectly acceptable in my oh-so-humble opinion.), and then went over to Chris's... we watched the movie and then pirated probably about 4 hours worth of music, while acting like retards over msn webcam. Good times, indeed. We're supposed to go visit Bryt or something today... I donno. He wants me to give him a call, which I will. I also have to call Shane and Bill... but I doubt I'll get ahold of them. They're illusive. I also have to work my way around my appointments. I have to go to the dentist (and I swear to god, this time I will have no compunction toward decking the bastard if he creeps me out again and/or stabs me with that fucking metal utensil) and the eye doc... I may have pink eye. Rock. I haven't had that since elementary school.

After talking with some people, they think it's possible that Matt isn't set up yet to call. From what I hear, it takes a couple days for them to hook up the phone lines for the room and designate a number... but still. I don't doubt that at some point I'll hear from the peasant... it's just a matter of time, and anyone that knows me knows that I have no patience for that crap. However, I have gained two hoodies from the situation. Way to see the brighter side, Shelby. 0_o

CD binge today! Wheee!! Indie spree for me!
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