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But I need a little more, put it in a play.

PHONE: RING RING! It's 8:00 in the morning and I'm RINGING!

ME: *roll over in bed* God, please don't let that be for me.

PHONE: RING RING! Still ringing!

ME: *hides head under pillow* I'll just let the answering machine get it. If it's important I'll call back.


ME: Someone picked it up? I thought I was home alone...

SOMEONE: *stomps upstairs*

ME: Shit. It's for me.

MOM: *enters room turns on phone* Hello? Hello? *hands phone*

ME: Hello?

MATT: Hey.

ME: ... hi.

MATT: Um, I'm outside your house.

ME: What?

MATT: Yeah, I'm outside your front door.

ME: You're here? Why are you here now?

MATT: Um... can you come to the front door?

ME: Ugh... fine. Just give me 10 seconds and I'll be there.

MATT: Ok..

ME: *hang up, walk down hall, open front door.*

MATT: Hi...

ME: *motion him inside* What do you want?

MATT: Um... well you have that CD?

ME: *thinking: of course. he just wants his damn cd.* Follow me. *take him to my room and give him the CD, then I sit down on the bed* You realize I'm pissed at you, right?

MATT: Yes.

ME: You know that I have reason, right?

MATT: Yes.

ME: So why did you do it?

MATT: Do what?

ME: Hang up on me and ignore me for the past two days?

MATT: I didn't hang up on is stupid. And... I mean, it's just been crazy. But I have to get going... 12 hour drive to South Dakota.

ME: You're leaving today?

MATT: Yeah...

ME: Wonderful. Do you have an address or number or is it the same?

MATT: Naw, not yet. I'll call you when I get in tonight...

ME: Ah. Sure. Well have a safe trip.

MATT: Can I have a hug?

ME: You hate hugs.

MATT: I can... make an exception.

WE: *hug*

ME: But I smell like morning...

MATT: *laugh* Ha. That's fine, I don't mind.

ME: You should probably go.

MATT: Yeah... I'll give you a call though.

ME: Mhm. Have a safe trip.

*sit in my room and listen to the door shut*

*think about it all day*
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