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Servers that don't serve make me a sad panda.

So, I'm a little irritated. I'm expecting an e-mail chuck full of information so that I can write this article for the local Quilting Guild because they're having this massive raffle in November and they really wanted me to write an article for the local paper. However, the hotmail server on which my account located in is, evidently, pitching a fit. What's extremely irritating is that it let me see my 7 e-mails for about 2.5 seconds before sending me the following shitbomb:

Account Temporarily Unavailable

We apologize, but your account is temporarily unavailable. This delay does not affect the entire site or result from any problem specific with your account however the server that holds your account information is temporarily unavailable. We do not expect this delay to last much longer, so please continue to check our site for your account status.

We will do our best to make your account available as quickly as possible. We appreciate your support, and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Advertise Anti-Spam Policy

This, is apparently supposed to make up for the fact that I had to have the deadline extended one week. Granted, I only found out about this article yesterday, but I mean c'mon hotmail. You are an e-mail provider, it is completely unacceptable that you are temporarily unable to simply provide e-mail. That's your only function, not too complicated, I don't think. If they're having server maintenance they shouldn't give this grammatically atrocious, obsceneley vague excuse for an apology/explaination. Also, what is the "advertise" thing about at the bottom? Is that an afterthought that never got put into action, a not so polite and/or concise request, or attempted brainwashing?
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