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Buh-lah =

I'm waiting for ian's call, it wont be for like another two hours and 10 minutes and 35 seconds but oh well. I am also pondering which lipgloss of mine imma send him. I want to be with him even more because now he is injured!! Why do bad things happen to good people?!? GOD FARKING DAMMIT ALL! When he was over at his friends house a snowboard fell on his head and cut him above one of his faultless eyes. :( I fear he may have a concussion. The thought of that scares me so shitless...I just wanna run up there even more than normal cuz now i have to take care of him, through sickness and in health dammit all.!!! And i dont ever want him to hurt and with him falling down the stairs afterwords, which further makes me think he has a concussion cuz he'd be dizzy and feel kinda i know that he is really hurting on account of me. which makes me feel soooo soooo SOOOOOOO bad. And i miss him soooooo much. He is so perfect, he comes home early every night to call me at 9:30. ` wimper. God i miss his eyes, i miss his smile.! I miss the way he laughed at me cuz i had to use an old fashioned pump up at camp!!! `weep I miss the way he smells, i miss how soft his hair is. I miss the evil look he gives me before he like, attacks me. I miss his corduroy jacket!!! I miss his blue shirts. I miss everything, literally everything and i would give all that i have without a second thought and go and i'd never look back if only i could find a way and my mom is being a fart and getting refunds for her tickets at priceline when i really want her to give them to me so i can go be with ian for thanksgiving in 10 days. come on i'd miss what, a day of school? boo freaking hoo! Its a god forsaken monday! no one cares about mondays!! No one has tests on mondays! I'll get homework, woopdee flippin doo! better than me being depressed..Adam says he wants me, ian, avie and him to rent a house together. That would rock. Unfortunately, that wont be happening anytime soon seeing as now he's in mother chicken plucking kansas!not fleepin cool! i think im gonna go sit in my room and listen to my offspring CD tonight. God i miss him, and i need to be with him i dont care what it takes. It could take my life for all i care, just let me fucking be with him!!!
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