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We have no milk.

I'm a *teensy* bit upset. Fear not, I'll explain. I've been ill for about 3 days... and today it hardcore got the best of me, kicked my ass and dragged it to the hospital and left me gasping for life on the door mat. In all seriousness, I thought I was ok to go to work. I knew I'd be miserable but I thought I could handle it...but by the time I get there I'm dizzy, I'm shaking, and I feel as though I may vomit all over everyone and everything. Yay! Except that in the past three days all I've eaten is, about 1/8th of a stack of pancakes, 1.5 saltine crackers, and a handfull of wheat thins. Rock on, right? No. Really not. Today, however, my body decides that not only will it not tolerate food of any quantity, but it will also not allow any form of liquid to stay down either. Thus, we have a problem my friends. Problem = Emergency Room.

So I get people to cover my shift tonight and I go to the hospital. Woo hoo. They give me sedatives so that I'll stop puking, I think I had food poisoning... but I don't really remember. I get a little somethin' somethin' to boost the blood sugar and they send me back home to drink gatorade and rest with a 10:30 check up appointment in the morning - which, btw, I have to find my own way to - to figure out what the flying fuck is wrong with me. Yee haw, right? No. After three days of not eating... I. Am. HUNGRY! So I decide to take it easy, and am thinking hey... a dumpling would be nice, or some mashed potatoes and I find out.. we have no milk. What the hell?! I mean seriously... who doesn't have milk in the fridge? Milk is a staple, everyone has milk... it's one of those things that when you run out you go to the store immediately to replenish the supply. Why? Because you can't make anything without it anymore! My father decides he's going to go out and buy himself dinner and leave me and my brother to fend for our little selves. Well, Greg and Adam are currently getting pizza. Guess what, I don't think I can handle pizza. I'm screwwed, I'm pissed, and I'm hungry.

However, we're going to rent and watch Kill Bill vol. 2, after which I'm going to call the Matt back, he said he might stop by after the lot of them go to Corn Fest. I'm still kinda bummed the bonfire had to be cancelled but I think attendance will be better next week anyway. I still haven't gotten ahold of JonK and that lot. We'll see. Right now, I just want to feel better and stop being so fucking fragile healthwise; though, I'd like to see Matt later. That'd help a bunch too. Today has been a shitty day.
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