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Manchurian Confusidate.

Oh man... so much better. Got off work, took a long and exceptionally refreshing shower, turned up the subwoofer... I'm set. Especially since the song is currently "Gangprobed" and is just obscenely entertaining. Quite literally. Matt is supposed to be on his way over... but I'm guessing he is probably doing what I did. Getting home from work, leaping out of the work clothes and into a shower and then into comfortable chill-wear. It's a good plan, good medicine, I tell ya.

Yesterday, Dangerfield and I went to go see the Manchurian Candidate... or however the hell it's spelt. I can't be arsed to google it right now. I felt kind of bad, because Matt, Bill, and Schaynna left Bill's house to kinda come get me... but I figured it wouldn't be for awhile and when I went to call back to say "abort" they were already moving. Yeah. I feel like an ass. But the movie was interesting, and I did promise Chris I'd see a movie with him. Anyway... I was totally not in the mood for a movie of that nature. It was all, super-mind-game-hyped-up-on-paranoia-and-panic CONSPIRACY! Soldiers, and Implants, and Politicians...Oh, my! That actually sounds like it should be a deranged porno of some kind... Anyway. back to the topic at hand, I think... it's a decent movie. Very standard in the method of action/conspiracy films... nothing remarkable, but not incredibly without entertainment value. I also believe that my perception may be a little skewwed because I really don't like Denzel Washington. It doesn't really matter, because it's just a crappy movie... which is why I might want to parody at some time and rip it to pieces...but for now, I don't even want to really think about it. It was a good waste of 2 hours... I don't regret it, but it's done and that's good. However, I really love when Louis Armstrong just makes random strange noises. It's incredibly enjoyable. That being said... I think I'm done for now. I'll go find something to do until Matt shows up.

My angst tastes like...
black licorice
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Hahahah! I'm still not telling! =P

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Aha. that makes me chuckle.

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I totally didn't like the one with the y at the end. nope. no dice.

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booya, biya. Now I'm done. I swear.
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