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Does anyone else really hate the way movies and television depict the "American College Experience"? See, maybe Middlebrook is more mellow than other dorms, but I'm not about to believe that people have slip-n-slides in the hallway, that dorm rooms are roomy enough for a 30 person dance party, people have pets, people play golf in hallways, always have money for the latest fashions, Van Wilder has a hot tub and a huge loft apartment somewhere... yeah... right. Anyone that doesn't know... Dorm rooms, after desks, book cases, and beds... are about the size of a walk in closet. It's absurd, completely innacurate... and completely retarded. It's disgustingly ostentatious and apocryphal.

I still haven't gotten out of this house. But I don't know if I will... I'm really sneezy. Ridiculously stuffy. I guess the ragweed came into full bloom today, and that'd be the thing to do it. I just wanna watch a movie with someone *cough*. A happy movie. I hope Brytne's wisdom teeth operation went well... Chris never called me back. :( Kathleen called like 10 minutes ago though... which was kind of strange but very amusing. "If you hear from him you gotta tell him to take out those contacts and just change into his glasses." Hah. Yes'm. aha... for some reason, I am extremely entertained by this; it makes me laugh. Ahaha. I don't know why, really. But... I just got ahold of Bill and apparently... the lot of them(bill, schaynna, & matt) are going to come get me in "a while". I'm not going to count on it. However, when I can get my mom's car... I'm leaving. I know that much. However, writing time.
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