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I might be cursed.

Yesterday was a bad day like whoa. Little things made it kinda meh... like work, plans falling through, parents being assholes... but that's all normal and I can easily deal with that and move on. But then it evolves to a completely into a terrible day. My Grandma Fae may have had a stroke... so my parents have a huge blow up about wether or not they're going to help her with the hospital bill and how my mom is convinced that she's just faking it and then somehow, they turn on me. After the warzone, My mom takes up the phone for like... 2 hours and I'm trying to get ahold of people so I can get out of the house and cuz I really wanted to go watch Evil Dead with bill and Matt but... she tells me afterward that she heard like 3 calls waiting and didn't answer any of them because she was talking about the Packers, and because they were probably "just" for me anyway. Thanks, bitch. So she finally gets off the phone, and I'm very not happy at this point and the phone rings and I leap on it, hoping for it to be someone offering a rescue. No... it's the mother of one of the girls I grew up with, sobbing her eyes out and telling me that Katie was just killed by a drunk driver in a head on collision. Smite me, oh mighty smiter. Then Dangerfield calls and I start balling so he and brytne come to pick me up. So... I call Bill cuz I had been in contact with him about the movie possibility and didn't want him to call and think I ditched him... so I give him brytne's cell phone number and can't help the fact that I'm crying and it wont stop... Probably sounded really psychoticly dramatic, cuz I didn't explain a damn thing... just said I had to get out for a bit. So I go to the bar with Chris and Bryt, and chris offers to liquor me up. So one amaretto sour and 5 games of pool later, I'm back at home... and I just go straight to bed. Now I'm awake this morning, and comfortably numb. My emotions are entirely spent. I think I'm going to crawl into the hot tub for a bit... listen to some crazy IDM... then maybe try to be sociable because I know sitting around here today will not be healthy. I need, at minimum, 6 hugs today. So, after I go boil for a bit... maybe i'll start calling people. No one will be awake until noon anyway.
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