Thesaurus Rex (virtuistic) wrote,
Thesaurus Rex


I dont know what to be right now. My mother has returned which is good, cuz now i'm not overbarren with this excessive and lazy testosterone. But the thing that makes me really mad is my dad took all the credit for what i did...knocky bastard. And then on the otherhand, i got a day of relaxing also a day of sheer boredom but a day of enlightenment because i researched ians present a bit more...and have it pinpointed. wheee. He is soooo gonna flip. :) And speaking of him, i am really missing him. Last night i didnt get to talk to him which is alright cuz he is entitled to his social life and such but damn i miss him. :( And he isnt getting home until 11 and i know he'll call then and i know i'll get in shit but there is no way in fucking HELL that i am gonna tell him not to call because i REALLY need to talk to him. Not for any particular reason, just because its him and the phone is the only form of immediate contact he and i have.! And i miss his voice, and i miss that when i ask him what he's thinking, he'll tell me. NO guy here would do that...and he actually cares what i think and how i feel and that really hasnt ever happened before. Well anyway my europe trip might be getting cancelled, and if it does ians prez is in the bag, and a car is on the way much quicker. Like, within a matter of months. And he just called!!! wheeee!!!
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