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Holy motivation attack...

So, I think all my motivation has been waiting to ambush me because today it totally blindsided me. This morning, I woke up and decided that today would be a great day to clean my entire room, sans closet. So... I washed my bed linens and replaced them, sorted everything on my counters, dusted, washed my mirror, threw out old pens and pencils that have been dead for some time... collected all my change and the thing looks foreign to me now. Tomorrow/Tonight's project... the basement. dun dun dunnn.

We're getting a family portrait/picture taken tonight. I find that hilarious. Many people don't understand what I find humorous... I'll give you a hint... it's has to do with the f-a-m-i-l-y part. Ahahahahha.

I've decided that 5:30 is a good time to call Matt's mom and figure out when he'll be home. I really want to see him. Still a bit terrified. Yeah. A bit. My nerves are electric.
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