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October says "Hello"...

So cold. I wore jeans and a sweater today and was still cold and it's f'in August!. Unacceptable. Seriously, when I went outside today I felt like I should go rake... it felt exactly like a cold autumn day. The clouds were totally bizarre too... because they'd be these immense dark ominous looking things, and then they'd split and show a glimpse of brilliant blue sky before choking it to death again. Miserable.

Be proud of me! I made major progress last night! I'm to the point where Snape throws Quirrell against the wall in the heat of passion! Yessss!!! Tomorrow, more work will be done. Tonight, must sleep.

In other news, work was strange. I got everything done before close... so I was out the door at 7:10. We had a couple people show up for the Harry Potter thing though which was nice. However, we ran out of coffee. We're an effing coffee house... and apparently no one thought it was important to tell anybody that we were on our last bag of espresso. So I'm left to freak out when I'm trying to refill the grinder and this lady wants a triple shot latte, and I have to use Ancora Steve's "Espresso" recipe of regular coffee beans. Then I have to call Ancora with an emergency order to be picked up tomorrow morning... and that's the second time in a month I've had to do that. I'm pretty sure they hate me there. It's not my fault I swear... but incompetent coworkers are really starting to annoy me. However, Chris made me a kiddie cocktail with 4 cherries in it so I was happy.

Speaking of Chris... he introduced me to my alcoholic drink of choice today. All hail the Amaretto Stone Sour. God I'm naughty. Not really, because Kathy was trying to throw more than the one I had at me. But after he got off work we all went driving around listening to Mombo #5. It was all kinds of ridiculous fun, and then we went and tried to watch the meteor shower but it got all cloudy and it sucked. But we saw three of them and one was absolutely gorgeous, so I guess I'm satisfied. I know another one will happen in a couple of years or so. Provided the world doesn't spontaneously combust...but y'know. You get that every now and then.

And since we're on the topic of spontaneously combusting, sounds like a good time to mention that my nerves are doing exactly that. So nervous about Matt coming home. I've been having the most pleasant dreams and the most paranoid thoughts. Not fun. I'm going to call Kathleen tomorrow and find out the particulars of when he gets in. I have to work on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday if my memory serves me correctly but he's a night owl anyway, and I'm sure his family will want to see him for the first day or so. *sigh* I don't know what to do, really. I feel so boring, I dont have any fun suggestions. After all, it's Cambridge and Deerfield... what the hell is there ever to do? Leave. That's right. However, I do know that any planning I do will fall to shit the second I see him so I'm not even going to bother. The script never plays out like I planned, but I normally like it anyway. I guess I'll just have to cross my fingers.

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