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If I Could Be Like That...

Blah, if i could be healthy? My eye has been bothering me all day and i just got back from the doctor and i have some allergan induced conjuctivitis. whatever the hell that is! so i cant wear my contacts for 3 days...and i have to put in eye drops which i HATE doing but oh right eye has been like...crying all day and it looks really freakish cuz my left eye isnt. oh well, guess it suits me, freakish = me. My friends all think i'm weird cuz i want to stick bleach water in a super soaker and drench the trick or treaters. Come on that isnt weird! ITS FUN! Ian n I are gonna do that. :) cuz he's coming down for halloween! wooo! I miss him so0o0o0o0o much. i love him, everything about him. I love it when he tells me what he's thinking, no guy down here would EVER do that. Plus, no one down here would ask me what i think and actually give a damn...` shrug. � m�...�'��t �m�r... Male perfection...damn sexy male perfection too. .o0(yummmy) Lucky lucky lucky me.! piff...lucky doesnt even describe it. Eternally Blessed. :) Well tonight i have my wonderful (and exceptionally fucking hot!!) prince charming waiting for me to return from dancing the night away w/ comzie n lita n izza n vie. i dont know if Kia is going but she might. he is so perfect! i've seen about 4 cars for sale, and if the coffee house does start giving me the hours that i want...then i could probably buy one.! Because there is talk about cancelling this years trip to europe due to recent events meaning that i would get a full refund on my trip which would totally rock! Then i could easily buy ians present. `giggle he's gonna flip. i feel so mischevious! muah ha ha! I really kinda hope they cancel the trip cuz then i wouldnt feel so bad. lol.! and i could even go overboard on ians present, buy a car so easily...then go see him! wo0t wo0t.! i have like 3 days to do my homework to and all i have is about 20 math problems which rocks! I'm so in love. and i love it. I cant wait until i can talk with him again...he is soo perfect. everything he does is so perfect. everything, down to the way he kisses me. The perfect chick flick finale thing. i miss him so much but i would rather die than not know him. * � * � * eg elska deg ian
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